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We are so happy that you have found our page! The decision to welcome a new puppy into your home is a big one and we feel honored that you are considering us to be your breeder. Take a look around our site, look at our dogs, our contract, our past puppies and reach out with any questions you may have. 

We are an animal loving family of 5 humans. All of our puppies are born indoors, and are taken care of by the entire family.  Shellie has had animals as part of her family for her entire life. Growing up in the country and having animals to raise was a highlight of her childhood.  Once she moved out on her own, she was able to get a dog of her very own, a chocolate lab named Gynger.  After getting married we decided it was time for us to add another dog to our fur-family. Dogs were part of our family before our children were born and Golden Retrievers have always been one of our favorite breeds. When the opportunity presented itself for us to move back to the same area where Shellie grew up, we jumped on the opportunity to be able to move back to the country to raise our family of children, dogs and cats. 

Our home is located in the Central Valley of California. We live on 40 acres and our dogs have plenty of room to play, whether it be a run on the canal, a dip in the pool or just some good old fashion tug-a-war. Our children are involved with our dogs daily. Puppies are held, snuggled, read to and sang to by girls that love nothing more than puppy kisses.


We had been involved with breeding for several years with Rooster Valley Labrador’s before we started our own program.  We had the privilege of whelping litters of Labrador puppies and raising them before we began our journey of breeding. The first litter that we whelped, we knew that this was our calling and being able to help provide wonderful family pets to people was something we wanted to start doing on our own. We chose Golden Retrievers because they are goofy yet smart, loving and playful, calm yet active great with children, and an all around great family dog. They were always the type of dogs that we wanted as part of our family.


The majority of our female dogs live in what we call Guardian Homes. We have these Guardian Homes for two reasons. The first and foremost is, we do not want to have our dogs kenneled all day. We want our dogs to have a loving family that can spend quality time with them.  The second reason is, we want all of our dogs health tested for PennHip, OFA hips, elbows, heart and eyes. We have started doing genetic testing on our breeding dogs to make sure we are not passing down any genetic diseases.  There are times when we introduce a puppy into our program and for whatever reason, she fails her health testing, her temperament isn't what we are looking for, or any other reason we may decide she isn't fit to be part of our breeding program.  If the dog already lives in a loving Guardian Home, she would not have to be “re-homed” if for some reason we decided not to use her for breeding. If this were to happen, the Guardian Family keeps their dog that has been part of their family for two years, we have her spayed and the dog does not suffer any stress or trauma with having to be “re-homed”. Guardian dogs come back to our home  so that we can judge temperament and behavior first hand. 






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