Jax and Maddie

Born: November 6, 2020

One male and One female

This litter is fully reserved

Go Home Date: 12/26/20

This will be the second litter of puppies from Jax and Maddie. They created such wonderful puppies last year that we couldn't help but pair them together again. This will be Maddie's fourth and final litter. Maddie tends to have puppies that are large at birth they end up being 70-75 pounds for the females and 80-85 pounds for the males. The coloring of these puppies will be cream with the slightest hint of golden. The puppies that Jax has produced tend to look just like him, with his large head and beautiful smile. See Jax and Maddie's pages to see more info on them such as pictures, pedigree, health certs,etc.


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