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Welcome to Bentley's Page

We imported Bentley from Europe. The breeder that he came from is a show handler so we had Bentley stay with her for a year so that he could receive 2 junior show titles in conformation before coming to us. He also had his health testing completed in Europe and passed his hips, elbows, eyes and cardiac. We repeated those test here in the US with OFA and PennHip and he passed those and received his certifications here as well. Since arriving to us in May 2019 he has completed his obedience training and passed with rave reviews from his trainer. He was a very quick learner and the trainers were very impressed with his calm demeanor and his ability to learn so quickly. 


Bentley weighs approx 69 pounds. He has a blocky head and a stalky body. His coat is thick and full with some beautiful feathers and a slight wave. 



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