Hold Deposit:       $600

Balance:    $2900


Total Puppy Purchase Price:    $3500






Date of Whelp:



To be added to our Master Reservation List, a $600.00 deposit is required, with balance due when the puppy is ready for his/her new home.  All payments and deposits are non-refundable. We accept payments of deposits in the form of credit card, money orders, cashiers check, cash or personal check made out to Rooster Valley Golden Retrievers.  The final payment only in the form of cash, credit card, cashiers check or money order. Any final payments made with a credit card will be charged a 3.0% fee. NO PERSONAL CHECKS for the final payment PLEASE.  THE CONTRACT PRICE IS GOOD FOR 12 MONTHS FROM DATE OF RECEIPT OF DEPOSIT. After 12 months should our contract price increase, Buyer agrees to pay the current contract price at the time of final litter reservation. When a litter is born you may elect to choose a puppy from that litter and be moved to that Litter Reservation List or remain on the Master Reservation List. When contacted by us to alert you of a litters birth, you have 72 hours to select a gender and be moved to the Litter Reservation List or inform us that you would like to remain on the Master Reservation List for a future litter. Should you not make a decision or respond to us within 72 hours, your name will remain on the Master Reservation List and we will then contact the next family on our list. All attempts will be made on our part to contact you.  Once you are moved to the Litter Reservation List, if you decide not to pick a puppy from that litter, you will forfeit your deposit. DEPOSITS ARE GOOD FOR 24 MONTHS FROM RECEIPT OF DEPOSIT. Any names on the Master Reservation List after 24 months of receipt of deposit will be moved to a Non-Active List. If moved to the Non-Active List you will not be contacted at the birth of each litter. You must contact us once ready and we will  move you back over to the Master Reservation List. Your re-placement on the Master Reservation List will be that of the date of contact informing us you are ready to move forward. You will not move up to the top of the list. Puppies will be available to be picked up on the Saturday that falls between the age of 7 and 8 weeks. Any puppy held after this day will incur a charge of $30 per day.


___________ Buyer Initial that they have read and understand Deposit and Payment Terms






Seller guarantees that the puppy is free from life threatening diseases and disabilities for 72 hours after delivery to buyer.  Should life threatening disease or disabilities be discovered by the buyer within 72 hours of receipt of puppy, and attested to in writing to Seller by Buyers licensed veterinarian, Seller will provide Buyer with replacement puppy, or a full refund if a puppy is no longer available.  Original puppy must be returned to Seller before a replacement puppy or refund will be provided.  Transportation and veterinarian fees are the sole responsibility of the Buyer.  Seller strongly recommends that Buyer has the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian of buyers choice within 72 hours of receiving said puppy.


Seller guarantees the puppy for two years from date of birth to be free from hip and elbow dysplasia, with the following exceptions:  Puppy is NOT to undergo spay/neutering until AFTER 12 months of age, a certification of spay/neuter will be required.  If the puppy should be diagnosed with hip or elbow dysplasia within the first 24 months of life, written test results from a certified radiologist is required for a replacement puppy or monetary refund.  Seller also reserves the right to have their veterinarian view the records and perform their own radiologic examination. Transportation and veterinarian fees are the sole responsibility of Buyer, except in the case where Seller elects to have their own Veterinarian complete a 2nd opinion. In this case Seller will pay for the 2nd opinion radiology costs, however Buyer is responsible for transportation to Seller’s veterinarian. 


Seller will guarantee puppy for an additional year on hips and elbows if said puppy is kept on a daily program of both NuVet Plus and NuJoint Plus Supplements (www.nuvet.com/18696) for the first three years. The puppy must not be spayed/neutered prior to 12 months of age for this 3 year guarantee as stated in above paragraph. A spay/neuter certificate would be required. The certification of spay/neuter would also be required to verify the procedure was done after 12 months of age. This extends the hip and elbow guarantee to three years from the date of birth.


_______Buyer Initial that they have read and understand Health Warranty




The puppy will have been given all age appropriate shots, dewclaws removed and deworming by the Seller.  Buyer agrees to immunize the puppy against diseases after they receive the puppy.  Seller will not be responsible for diseases contracted as a result of not immunizing the puppy with all veterinarian recommended vaccinations. Seller recommends that Buyer purchase Pet Insurance the day puppy is brought home to help with any veterinary fees that the Buyer may incur. Buyer understands that any unforeseen circumstances can occur and veterinarian fees can be costly. Seller will not pay for any veterinary fees, with the exception of what is covered in above “Health Warranty” section. 


Buyer agrees to take on the responsibility of training the puppy.  It is natural for a Golden Retriever puppy to bark, chew, bite, play, dig, jump and need to be potty trained.  It is the buyer’s responsibility to train and teach him how to act and to give them gentle consequences. Seller is not a certified professional trainer. Buyer will receive a helpful book to assist Buyer with training puppy by the Seller.  For the most enjoyable experience with your new companion, Seller strongly recommends that every puppy have professional obedience training. Seller does not guarantee the temperament of puppy.


Buyer may return the dog to Seller at any time during its lifetime. A complete vaccination record, health history and behavioral information must be provided. Buyer will not be refunded any money nor will another puppy be sold to them. Seller may re-sale the puppy after Buyer has returned it and Buyer will receive no monetary return from the sale.


Puppy is sold on Limited AKC Registration, puppy is sold as pet dog and is not to be used for breeding. 


__________Buyer Initial that they have read and understand puppy is NOT to be used to breed


Seller’s obligations are limited to those stated in this contract.


Your deposit holds a puppy from the litter of your choosing which will be picked in the order the deposits are received on the day the pups are ready to leave.  Deposits are Non-Refundable.  We understand that everyone has a particular gender that they would prefer but guaranteeing a certain gender is not possible.  When the puppies are born we will work our way down the list letting each family know what genders would be available at their pick.  At that point we ask that you specify what gender you will be picking from the litter or that you would prefer to transfer to the next litter.  Deposits can be transferred to future litters for up to 24 months of the date deposit was received.  Please indicate your top gender choice when you send your deposit, knowing that there is a chance we won’t have that available.


_________Buyer Initial that they have read and understand all General Terms






By signing below, both the seller and buyer agree to the terms of this contract.



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