Your deposit of $600 will get you placed on our Puppy Wait List. Deposits are Non-Refundable.  You are placed on this list based on the payment date/time, first deposit is first in line, second deposit is second in line, etc.  When the puppies are born, we will work our way down our Puppy Wait List to inform you of the number of puppies born, genders of the puppies and the timing for the puppies to go to their fur-ever homes.  When we contact you it will be time to decide if you want a puppy from that litter and if so what gender you would like to reserve, based on what is available.  If the gender you desire is not available, the timing doesn't work for you or you just want a different parent pairing, then you remain on the Puppy Wait List and would move up the list as others move over to the current Litter Reservation List. You can remain on our Puppy Wait List for up to two years from the date that the deposit is received in order to get the preferred gender or parenting combination.  See contract for more information on how long a deposit is valid. 

Please complete the Puppy Application if you are interested in reserving a puppy or receiving further information.

**Rooster Valley Golden Retrievers reserves the right to first male and female pick puppy from each litter**


We will accept a deposit in the form of a personal check, we can email you an invoice to pay online with your credit card or you can call us with your credit card information.  We accept final payments in the form of cash, credit card, cashiers check or money order (NO CHECKS PLEASE). 

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