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We reserve the right to the first pick of male and female from all litters


Molly x Trigger
Born: 4/14/23
Go Home Date: 6/10/23

12 puppies
(5 males and 7 females)

 This litter is fully reserved


This is the first litter for Molly. She is the sweetest girl that loves to play, run and adventure. Molly is the daughter of Millie and Jax. She is the perfect mix of both of her parents. She is a large and tall golden like her daddy Jax and she weighs about 73 pounds. The puppies of this litter will likely be on the bigger side females will weight between 65-75 and males 70-75 pounds full grown. They will have the potential to be bigger however if kept at a healthy weight their max should be 75 pounds. Their temperaments should be medium energy levels, with drive, easily trainable and driven. They will make wonderful family companions or therapy dogs.


Keep an eye on our Instagram (@roostervalleygoldens) for more updates.

IMG_3794 2_edited.jpg

Meet the Pups of  our Molly x Trigger Litter


Cora x Rocky
Born: 4/5/23
Go Home Date: 5/27/23

11 Puppies 
(5 males and 6 females)

This litter is fully reserved!


This is the first litter for Cora. She delivered 11 beautiful puppies and is an exceptional momma. She is a very mellow, easy going girl. She travels well, adapts well to most environments, loves dogs, kids and adults. She is pretty much a love bug that just wants all the snuggles. Cora is the daughter of Daisy and Jax. This pairing between Cora and Rocky should create some amazing family companions or therapy dogs.


Keep an eye on our Instagram (@roostervalleygoldens) for more updates.


Meet the Pups of  our Cora x Rocky Litter


Guardian Home Availability

We do not currently have any guardian home puppies available. We will be looking for a Guardian Home for one or two puppies later this fall so feel free to reach out if you are interested in bringing home a puppy later this year.  We are only accepting families that live within 30 miles of Modesto for our Guardian Home Program. We are only placing a female pup in a guardian home, not males at this time. If you are interested in learning more about what it means to be a Guardian Home, please visit our Guardian Home page to read more on it. If you feel you may be a good fit send as an email and we will be in touch to discuss further. This is completely separate from if you are wanting to adopt a puppy from us. Take a look above to see what is upcoming if you are interested in adopting a puppy from us.

We are accepting deposits to get in line for our Fall/Winter 2023 and Spring/Summer 2024 litters.

Please complete our Puppy Application prior to contacting us.



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