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Rooster Valley Golden Retrievers

The purpose of this agreement is to define the conditions of the guardianship agreement between ___________________________________________, hereafter referred to as “Guardian”, and Freddie and Shellie Galvan dba Rooster Valley Goldens, hereafter referred to as “Breeder”.

This agreement pertains to_______________________________________, an intact AKC Golden Retriever, born on _________________________________, hereafter referred to as “Dog” and is entered into on ______________________________.  Microchip #________________________


This agreement is between Guardian and Breeder.

Ownership and all rights and interest to the Dog shall remain with the Breeder until such time as Breeder shall, by bill of sale or other written evidence of transfer, assign and transfer ownership of the Dog to Guardian.  Likewise, any puppies born to Dog shall be the sole and separate property of Breeder and Guardian shall have no ownership or interest of possession rights to any such puppy.


Breeder is responsible for the costs of all genetic health testing that the Breeder chooses to do to insure that the Dog is genetically sound to breed.  The Guardian is responsible for transporting Dog to and from the Veterinarian office for said testing at the necessary time. Breeder is responsible for all breeding related medical costs.


Should Breeder decide for any reason that Dog is not genetically superior to breed from,

Dog shall then be spay/neutered at Guardian’s expense.  After Dog has been desexed, Guardian may keep Dog and the contract shall be considered completed and fulfilled and ownership will be transferred.


Guardian agrees to have no other intact dogs of the opposite sex allowed in their home, provide a fully secured fenced yard, and communicate freely with us the health and condition of the Dog. Guardian is responsible for general veterinary health care and wellness of the Dog which includes, yearly vaccinations, worming, flea and tick prevention, grooming and food.  Guardian agrees to keep the dog on a daily program of Life’s Abundance Large Breed or All Life’s Stages food as well as NuVet and NuJoint vitamins, as long as the dog is a part of our breeding program.    Guardian also agrees to provide ample exercise and maintain the dog at a healthy weight.  Overweight females can have a hard time passing hip and elbows tests and can have smaller litters as well as a difficult time during the whelping process (this is extremely important.)

Guardian is responsible for transporting Dog to Breeder as needed for breeding and whelping.  It is important that attention be given to when Dog’s cycle has started and this information is given to the Breeder immediately.


By contract we will breed a female for the first time between the age of fifteen months and three years of age. At the heat cycle of Breeders choosing after fifteen months of age, she will come back to our home temporarily for breeding, then when she is due, stay with Breeder for a period of 8-10 weeks for whelping and nursing the puppies.  (This is an excellent time for Guardian to plan a trip and not have to pay for boarding of their pet.) A male may be retained to sire litters until he is six years old but will not need to be away from his family for long periods of time.


Breeder has all rights to the first four breedings between fifteen months and 8 years of age. After four successful litters, Breeder and Guardian will discuss the option of further breedings based on the quality of puppies produced.  If it is deemed that the female would be a good candidate for more litters, Guardian has the option of allowing Breeder the rights to more breedings. For every litter after the fourth contracted litter, Breeder agrees to reward Guardian with $150 per live puppy.


During the term of this contract, Guardian may permanently return Dog to Breeder for any reason, at which time this contract shall terminate.  If Dog dies accidentally due to circumstances beyond the control of the Guardian, the Guardian does not owe any payment to Breeders. If dog dies due to negligence on the part of the Guardian, the Guardian agrees to pay the breeding price of $7,500.00 to Breeder.


Guardian shall pay Breeder the breeding price of $7,500.00 if Guardian intentionally causes injury to Dog that prevents Dog from breeding, intentionally causes the death of the Dog, if Guardian absconds with Dog, fails to provide Breeder with change of address or contact information, or ceases communication with Breeder.


Guardian agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Breeder from and against all claims, liabilities, losses, costs, damages, and expenses by reason of any damage to property  or injury or death to individuals allegedly caused by Dog while in the possession of Guardian.


Guardian agrees to notify Breeder of scheduled vacations or other absences from the area, which may occur during Dog’s heat cycle or whelping time.


Neither Guardian or Breeder has the right to sell Dog to another party or require Dog back from the Guardian if Guardian has and is meeting all requirements listed in this contract.


Should Guardian choose to break any of the above portions of this agreement, the Breeder has the right to request that Dog be returned immediately or Guardian may pay the breeding price of Dog for $7,500.00.


The AKC Registration and full ownership will not be transferred to Guardian until the contract has been fulfilled and the Dog has been spayed/neutered.


No failure to enforce a breach of this contract shall constitute a waiver of any other or subsequent breach.


The undersigned agree to uphold all covenants of this contract as of this ___________ day of ______________________ , 20_____.

Breeder Signature _____________________________________________

Freddie or Shellie Galvan

Guardian Signature ________________________________________________


Guardian Printed Name _____________________________________________


Email Address ____________________________________________________


Address  _____________________________________________



Phone # _____________________________________________

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