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Welcome to Trigger's Page

Trigger was born here at Rooster Valley Golden Retriever's.  Trigger is a gorgeous dark red with a slim athletic build. He has the field coat, which makes grooming quick. He is an energetic guy with a strong drive to perform. He is a dog that needs jobs to keep his mind stimulated. His dad's breeder says of him that he is"Performance Bred, Champion Blood Lines, Athlete, Upland Game, Versatility, Excellent Temperament". Triggers dad holds both is Junior and Senior Hunting titles. 

Trigger is smaller golden and weighs approx 58 pounds and has a short, straight, sleek, silky coat. He has a slender head, narrow body and athletic build. We keep him in top shape to ensure he remains healthy and continue to sire puppies for many years to come. 

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Below are some photos of Trigger's dad.

All photos are courtesy of Windmill Farms Goldens and are not to be duplicated are used without permission

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