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How our process works, availability and timing




 Please read below before contacting us, most of your questions will likely be answered here. 


As you probably know,  we do not have any puppies available.  We have a litter from Scout and Trigger that is due 11/1/22 however anticipate that this litter is fully reserved. We are estimating our wait time to be about Spring 2023 to bring home a new puppy, it could be sooner but could be a little longer.  The timing will all come down to how many puppies are in each litter, genders, coloring and how many families ahead of you decide to reserve a puppy from the litter. We currently have 38 families with deposits in, waiting for a puppy. Our "breeding season" is typically October-May, meaning we typically take the summer months without having puppies. We typically won't breed a female if her puppies would be born between May  - September.  We anticipate having 6-8 litters in our next breeding season, so there should be plenty of puppies available, it’s just the exact timing that we cannot guarantee. There are a few dogs that are not on the website that we will add after their health testing is completed this summer. We have both the cream and standard goldens. Some of our litters are full cream, standard golden and others are a mix between the two. 


The way that our process works is, once you place your deposit you are put on our Master Reservation List, in the order of deposit and contract receipt. You are not reserving a specific puppy or a specific litter, you are just getting in line to secure your picking order for a future puppy. Once the next litter is born we contact the first person on the Master Reservation List to let them know that the puppies were born and how many of each gender. At that time, they decide if they would like to reserve a puppy from the litter and if so which gender. If they want to reserve a puppy, they are moved over to the Litter Reservation List and with the picking order of their preferred gender secured. We would then contact the next person on the list and do this until all puppies from the litter are reserved or we have gone through the entire list. You would not be reserving a specific puppy on the day you are moved to the Litter Reservation List, just securing your picking order of the gender. Selections are made on the day that they go home and the order is based on the order on the Litter Reservation List. If someone decided the timing wasn’t right, they didn’t want those parents, or the gender they wanted isn’t available, they can remain on the Master Reservation List for a future litter. Their name would move up that list as other families moved over to the Litter Reservation List. If you are not in a hurry to add a new puppy to your home, the sooner you place your deposit the higher up on our reservation list you will be for the possibility of bringing home a sweet pup.


Our puppies are $4500 and in order to be added to our Master Reservation List we require a $600 non-refundable deposit. The deposit is applied towards the final cost so you would owe $3900 on the day the puppy goes home. If you are not ready to place a deposit and want to be placed on our interest list please let us know. The interest list is not reserving a puppy, we will contact you in the event that we have any puppies that become available (which is pretty uncommon).


If you are interested in moving forward with a deposit, please complete the below application. Once the application is completed we ask that you send us an email letting us know that it is done.Our response time can be a 4-5 day so if you do not hear back right away, be patient and we promise we will get back to you.  In the meantime, visit our Instagram @roostervalleygoldens or Facebook Rooster Valley Golden Retrievers for more photos of our puppies. 


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